Maurice James Wolfe, also known as “Young Maurice,” was born in 1763, probably born at Templeathea in western County Limerick. He was the son of Maurice James “Old Maurice” Wolfe, a Catholic farmer, and Kathleen Rearden (also Riordan) Wolfe. He had four siblings: Richard Maurice “Short Dick” (b. ca. 1730), James Maurice “The Barrister” (b. 1732), and EdmondPatrick “Wiggie.”

Little is known of Wolfe’s life except that he married Hanora Harnett (sometimes Hartnett), of County Limerick. The couple had eight children: James Harnett (b. ca. 1780–1800), Richard (b. 1802), John Harnett (b. 1807), EdmondTimothyMaryPatrick Maurice, and Catherine.

Wolfe’s son James emigrated to the United States in 1819 and died there in 1836, possibly the victim of murder. His brothers Richard and John took up his land claim in Missouri.

Maurice Wolfe and his wife both died sometime before 1838 and are buried at Templeathea.