David Hilliard, Smoke, 2012.

David Hilliard, Smoke, 2012.

The Train at Wood's Crossing
Self-published, 2018
On the lynching of John Henry James.

Jefferson's Shadow
Self-published, 2017
On a university and its difficult past.

History Writ Aright
Self-published, 2017
On a statue and the fights over history.

The Case of the Hungry Stranger
The Morning News, 2013
On searching for a father who walked out.

Stories from the Lost Nation
Colorado Review, 2009
On mapping a troubled history along the backroads of Iowa.

Hiking Gubong-san
Spike Magazine, 2003
On wanting to escape.

Mise Éire
Maine Times, 2002
On peeling back the scar of language.

Into Hot Air
Maine Times, 2001
On climbing Katahdin and exploring a myth.

This Is Not a Review of Shostakovich’s Fifth Symphony
In Healing (Lee Gutkind, ed.), 2001
On learning to fail.

Lost in Clinton County
The Scattering Conference, University College Cork, 1997
On wondering which direction is home.